Welcome to the Jungle!  A nutrient rich CBD Lash Serum to encourage growth and fullness of your lashes.  Packed with 85 mg pure CBD with ZERO THC  it acts as a binding agent, it also conditions & hydrates without flaking off.  Our brush applicator provides a smooth application. Tiny drops of pure wild crafted Lavender & Rosemary Oil provide needed vitamins to our lashes.  Dry brittle stubby lashes are enriched with lush oils of Castor Seed, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil & Almond Oil.  It's only a matter of time before you start seeing healthy & lush lashes using this intoxicating Jungle Kush CBD Growth Lash Serum.


We use the highest quality ingredients  in all our products.  Personally, I have very sensitive eyes and I formulated this so I could grow my tiny stubby lashes that are dry and fall out daily.  As with any new skincare regimen product, please test a tiny bit on one lash line before using daily.


Directions -  This product works best at bed time.  Apply to a freshly washed face, eyes & lashes.  Lashes & eyes should be patted dry with a clean tissue.  Use a tiny bit of the serum on the applicator brush and gently draw across your lash line.  Take your ring finger and gently massage the serum up into your lashes. If you put on too much serum, blot with a tissue or cotton round.  Use once daily preferably at night or if you are home relaxing during the day.  You should not apply makeup directly after applying the serum.  It needs to drink in overnight to moisturize your lashes.  

Jungle Kush CBD Lash Serum