Handmade by us, a beautiful 4 piece Ocean Beach Deluxe Extra Large Bamboo Coaster Set.  Made with real Beach Sand, Large 4.7” Inch Bamboo Wood Coasters, vibrant hues of Royal Blue, Teal, Ocean Pearl, Turquoise Mica Shimmer Pigments and the highest quality diamond clear food safe resin.  These 4 coasters are great to place your drinks & wine. You can also use them as a plant tray to use under your succulent planters.


Size - 4.7” inches wide / .40” inches thick


Each piece is handmade by us and no two will look alike. You will have a one of a kind resin art creation. Because items are handmade, there may be be minor flaws such as tiny bubbles in resin, tiny air pockets on rim or a slight rough edge. These will in no way effect the use of the item. We try to make them as perfect as possible, but these minor flaws are from being handmade with love.


Safety is our highest priority. Our resin has been carefully chosen because it is compliant with safety, non-toxic, no VOCs, no solvents, odorless, non-flammable, non-hazardous and safe for food.

Ocean Beach Deluxe Bamboo 4 Piece Large Coaster Set