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Pineapple Express

What is a 🍍Pineapple Terp?  A basic terpene is from the resin of the cannabis plant.  It gives the distinctive smell, flavor & effect.  These effects are specific to each kind of Terpene.  Medical journals, trials & studies have shown the Pineapple Terpene - Pineapple Express Strain to ease Stress - Anxiety - Pain Manangement - Uplifting Mood.  


Blue Dream

Use our strain specific Blue Dream CBD 300mg Vape Oil to Relax - Stress Relief - Restful Sleep. Little or no sleep can mean moodiness, short patience & a groggy mind. Strain Specific Terpenes are made from the resin of the cannabis plant. Terpenes are responsible for the aroma, flavor & effect of each strain. Blue Dream & Blue Berry AFGOO are blended together for relaxation and a deep restful sleep. Get the sleep you need & wake up recharged for life. 



Did you know Anxiety is the most common issue that people deal with?  Many people are embarrassed or consider it a weakness.  Lets get real, life is stressful.  Responsibilities, Work, School, Taking care of Kids, Running a Household & Spouses.  We all have a lot on our plate to deal with. We use the strain specific ZKittles Terpenes to help deal with everyday issues.  Anxiety - Focus - Stress - Uplifting Mood.  


Watermelon OG

Our Watermelon OG 🍉 CBD Vape Oil is made with Strain Specific Terpenes.  It tastes amazing & with 300mg CBD - ZERO THC you will happily want to vape your daily CBD dosage.  Smooth vape hit with juicy Watermelon, Tahitian Passionfruit & a squeeze of sweet Mango Terpenes.  Use for Focus - Creativity - Mood - Relaxation 

CBD Vape Oil 300mg

  • Proprietary Blend by Coconut Hut - US Registered Hemp Derived CBD Isolate - ZERO THC - Strain Specific Terpenes

  • Keep Vape Oil in a cool dark place.  Shake gently before opening.  Fill your pod or cartridge & you are ready to vape.  1ml cartridges will have 15 refills per bottle of Vape Oil.  300mg CBD total per bottle.  A dosage chart & instruction card will be included.

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