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Master Scent Menu

Agave Lime - A shimmering citrus blend of juicy lime, tart lemon, and orange citrus. A light touch of liquid ozone and a background of light tropical floral & agave green balance at the heart of the fragrance. 

Alani Pua ~ Orange Blossom - Delicate and fragrant white blossoms.


Almond Coconut Milk Laura Mercier Type- A warm fragrance of toasted almonds, coconut milk, powdered sugar, vanilla mousse, vanilla meringue, and vanilla extract.


Almond Supreme - A classic, very rich almond scent. 


Almond Vanilla - Sweet almonds entwined with ribbons of gourmet vanilla cream. 


Aloha Shaved Ice - Cool down under the shade of a palm tree with this classic Hawaiian treat. Freshly shaved ice with sweet Guava nectar, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, & coconut syrup.


Ambre de Nepal - A rich and sultry Amber with notes of Cardamom and ending with exotic Madagascar Vanilla. 


Amber Vanilla Musk - Delicate powdery Amber notes are intertwined with musk and vanilla.


Angel Food Cake - Fluffy white angel cake laced with sweet vanilla and a touch of coconut.

Apricot Cream Cake-  Sweet & tart apricot filling layered between decadent vanilla cake and frosted with fresh whipped cream. 


Bamboo Grass – (Unisex) This masculine fragrance begins with top notes of fresh lime, mint, and ozone balanced with middle notes of French lavender, and well-rounded with a nice base note of white musk. 


Banana Crème Cake - Moist banana cake swirled with brown sugar, candied almonds, bits of ripe banana and frosted with a thick layer of vanilla frosting. 


Beach Bum - Hang Ten and catch a wave with this kick back “Surfs Up Dude!” scent of dark tanning oil, island pineapple, succulent mango, ripe papaya, and fresh coconut milk. 


Beach Bunny - Hit the beach with this tropical delight of island mango, sweet papaya, white peaches, and a touch of Tahitian melon. 

Beached Coconut - Simple, pure, and just coconut. Think of a ripe coconut just fallen from the tree. No vanilla notes, just pure island coconut. 


Beach in Tahiti - Hibiscus, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Pink Jasmine, beach Palm Leaves & fresh island Coconut. 

Beach & Surf - White sandy beaches and the sound of the pounding surf. This scent will remind you what a day at the beach smells like. 

Birthday Cake - Fluffy white birthday cake iced with creamy vanilla frosting. 


Black Sands (Men) - A dark oceanic fragrance, with crisp waves of ozone. 


Blood Orange & Pineapple - This is an amazing citrus blend of tart blood orange and sweet juicy island pineapple. 


Bobbie Brown Beach Type - A light scent designed with notes of sand jasmine, sea spray and mandarin. 


Cabana Boy - Imagine swinging in a hammock, under a shady palm tree as you feel the cool island breeze. A tropical drink of coconut milk, chunks of fresh pineapple, ripe mango, and a splash of sweet banana milk served up in a freshly cracked coconut shell. 


Candied Coconut - Sweet pieces of dried coconut, glazed with cane sugar and sprinkled with Confectioners’ sugar. The most delicious Coconut Candy you've ever sniffed. 


Cherry Meringue Kisses - Red juicy cherries, a slice of lemon meringue pie, and a scoop of vanilla marshmallow crème.


Chi-Chi Twist - Sunbathe on the deck of your ocean bungalow and sip this island umbrella drink of sweet coconut milk, island fresh coconut puree, chunks of fresh pineapple, blended together and garnished with a mango slice & pink plumeria blossom. 

Chocolate Mudslide - Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate collide in this colossus chocolate sniff. The BEST chocolate sniff on the planet


Cinnamon Buns - Warm sticky buns fresh out of the oven, topped with gooey vanilla icing. 

Citrus Sensation - Your senses will go wild with this blend of lime, lemon, orange, white grapefruit, pink grapefruit and verbena.


Clean Type – A duplicate of D'lish perfume Clean. Top notes of black currant, essential oil of lime, lemon oil from Italy lead to a soapy clean midsection highlighted by rose, jasmine, pink grapefruit, geranium, with violet, white musk, and soft woods notes in the dry down. 


Coco Mango - If you are looking for the perfect blend of tropical coconut and juicy sweet mango, look no further. 

Coconut After Dark - Delicate cream cheese battercake, sweet coconut filling, drizzled with a dark chocolate butter cream frosting. 


Coconut Colada - Frozen chunks of mango blended with sweet pineapple juice and fresh coconut milk.

Coconut Cream Pie - Shredded coconut is folded into rich vanilla pudding and then spooned into a graham cracker crust. Topped with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkled with coconut shreds.

Coconut Custard Mochi Cake - Moist coconut cake, filled with vanilla creme and sprinkled with candied coconut.


Coconut Cupcake - Delicious vanilla coconut cake, frosted with creamy rich icing, and sprinkled with candied coconut shreds. 


Coconut Frosting - Rich and delectable coconut cream frosting. Ultimate sinfully sweet decadence! 


Coconut Ice Cream - A sweet tropical treat made with rich Coconut Cream & Tahitian Vanilla Bean. 


Coconut Kanantik - The sound of the waves and pounding surf against the shoreline, the gentle rustle of the palm trees in the tropical wind. This sparkling gem of a coconut scent was developed for true coconut lovers. A delectable blend of 5 different kinds of coconut, gently entwined with sweet vanilla bean, white vanilla absolute, and a soft island kiss that makes this the best tropical coconut you will ever find. 


Coconut Love Nectar - Creamy coconut milk, luscious vanilla cream, sweet peach nectar, toasted vanilla pods and a touch of Hawaiian sandalwood. An exotic and sexy coconut that will have you canoodling with your sweetie. 


Coconut Meringue Pie - Tart lemon meringue is folded into a flaky piecrust and topped with toasted coconut shavings & powdered sugar. 


Coconut Milk - Freshly cracked coconuts transform into luscious coconut milk. 


Coconut & Shea - Freshly cracked coconut milk flows into a delicate sea of sensual sandalwood and topped with rich creamy shea butter.

Coconut Tiki Island - A brilliant sunset over a crystal blue ocean, tiki torches lit on the white sandy beach, and you can hear island drums beating playfully in the distance. You pick up a ripened coconut lying on the beach, crack it open and drink the sweet milk. 


Coconut Tsunami - A tidal wave of rich and decadent tropical coconut. Ribbons of sweet coconut milk, tender baby coconut pieces, and pressed virgin coconut creme. 


Coconut Water & Hibiscus - Refreshing coconut water, tropical kiwi nectar blended with fragrant yellow Hibiscus Flower & Tahitian Vanilla Bean. A beautiful light fragrance that reminds you of the blue ocean & white powder sand beaches. 


Coconut White Cake - Fluffy vanilla cake filled with a creamy coconut custard and iced with a coconut white chocolate ganache. 


Cranberry Frost - Tart cranberries are flavorfully kissed with rich velvet sugar plum.


Creamy Coconut - This warm tropical scent is sure to make you think of laying on the beach while daydreaming of the perfect tan. Relax under a tropical palm tree and soothe your senses with this sweet inviting aroma of fresh creamy coconut. This marvelous scent has a rich undertone that makes it full-bodied, yet soft and subtle. Envelop yourself in this intoxicating blend of lush Coconut Cream. 

Cotton Candy Clouds - This sticky sweet cotton candy will satisfy even the most wicked sweet tooth. It's like stuffing fluffy pink clouds of heaven in your mouth.


Cucumber Melon - Fresh and clean cucumber blended with sweet succulent melons.


Custom Blend - Create your own custom blend from the many choices on the Scent Menu and type it in the comments section.


Da Lime in da Coconut - 'You put de Lime in de Coconut!' This is a refreshing change from regular Coconut or Lime. A perfect fusion of the two with a splash of tropical fruit for balance. 


Dole Whip - A frozen Polynesian treat! Soft serve vanilla ice cream infused with sweet pineapple chunks, coconut milk, and vanilla bean. 


Dreamsicle - Just like a 50/50 bar the ice cream truck has. Sweet orange and creamy vanilla.


Exotic Coconut - Golden toasted coconut is folded into sweet cream for a sensuous, rich fragrance. 


Frosted Hawaiian Mimosa - Orange sherbet and raspberry sherbet are blended together with fresh peach and pineapple juice. A generous spritz of lemon-lime soda gives the finishing touch on this chilled Hawaiian treat. 


Frosted Lemon Cupcake -Warm little lemon cupcakes are frosted with rich vanilla icing. 

Fruity Loops - Crispy sugared rings of Lemon, Lime, Cherry and Orange.

Fuji Apple - Just like biting into a crisp sweet fuji apple. 


Gardenia - The true fragrance of blooming gardenia.

Glacier (Men) -  A masculine scent of orange blossom, mint, rosemary, sandalwood, and musk. 


Guava - Tropical, sweet and juicy guava. Golden nectar of the Islands. 


Ginger Essence Origins Type - Warm notes of ginger are enhanced by lemon, black currant, and nutmeg, leading to a floral jasmine-led middle, with a sweet, smooth dry down of white musk and amber.


Golden Amber - White jasmine, rose petals and sensual amber with a touch of citrus & bergamot surrounded by rich sandalwood, patchouli and white musk. Super seductive, sexy and sensual

Hawaiian Honeymoon Cake - Cut the cake and kiss your man with frosted lips. This tropical cake is made from fresh island pineapple baked into layers of vanilla cake, iced with sweet coconut frosting and garnished with sliced ripe strawberries and mandarin oranges. 


Hawaiian Tropics - Smell like Hawaii in a Bottle! Rich creamy coconut milk infused with dark tanning oil will make people stop in their tracks. 


Hawaiian Tropical Punch - Put on your grass skirt and get ready to hula! A tropical umbrella drink of pineapple and coconut, with a touch of mango and a twist of kiwi fruit. 


Haleakula Sunrise - Delicate Tuberose entwined with Pikake, a whisper of Plumeria blossoms, ending with the sweetness of island mango and fresh coconut milk. 


Honey Bear - A buzzing honeycomb dripping with golden sweet honey. 


Honeysuckle - The delicate blossoms of these arching vines are delicate, sweet and aromatic.


Honolulu Honey - An exotic and enticing blend of juicy Papaya, sweet Mango, Dragon Fruit, Sugar Cane, & Honey infused Coconut Milk. 


Hula Goddess - Sway your hips to the island drums! This exotic blend of pink plumeria, fresh coconut milk, and vanilla cream will have your cabana boys enchanted with your brains, charm, and dreamy fragrance.

Ice (Men) - This masculine scent possesses a blend of fresh greens, warm wind, pepper, and finishing with mahogany and water.


Island Coconut - Notes of tropical coconut & creamy vanilla.


Island Flowers - A gorgeous fragrance from the islands! Pink Plumeria, Velvet White Tuberose, sweet Pikake, and a whisper of Kauai Ginger Blossom. 


Island Kiss Escada Type- As warm and sunny as a tropical afternoon, this wonderful fragrance starts with a mix of orange, banana, peach and raspberry that is reminiscent of a juicy Island punch. 

Jungle Love - Tarzan love Jane! You'll be swinging from the vines with this outrageous tropical fruit blend! Sweet strawberries, honey crisp apple, pink grapefruit, mandarin orange, fuzzy kiwi fruit, sliced ripe banana, fresh cracked coconut, juicy raspberries, and a bunch of red grapes. 


Kaanapali Shores - Walking along the shoreline, you feel the waves gently lapping at your feet and the wet sand squishing between your toes. This is the ultimate fresh and clean fragrance with crisp notes of apple, grapefruit, peach and leafy greens with middle notes of lily, lavender, rose and violet and base notes with amber, sandalwood, and raspberry musk.


Kai Blossom - An island floral blend of gardenia, plumeria, pikake, yellow jasmine, cyclamen, lilac, hyacinth, mimosa flower, rose, and lily.

Kauai Ginger Blossom - Similar to its cousin Hawaiian White Ginger, it will bring the feeling of Aloha to your spirit.


Lavender Bulgarian - Rich, full bodied and fragrant.  This essence invokes peace, tranquility and relaxation.

Lavender Vanilla - Freshly cut wild mountain lavender entwined with Tahitian Vanilla Bean, sweet vanilla cream, & toasted black vanilla pods


Lava Flow - Served in a chilled hurricane glass, this drink erupts with a burst of strawberry puree, ripe bananas, fresh pineapple juice, and coconut cream. 


Lemon Meringue- Fluffy white peaks of meringue with tart lemon custard. 


Lemon Pound Cake - Rich buttery pound cake with zesty lemon and a hint of vanilla.


Lemon VerbenaL'Occitane Type- Tart lemon with notes of spring greens, herbs, white lilies, citrus, apples and a hint of mint. 

Lime Goes to Maui - A clean refreshing citrus lime blend with slight hints of jasmine and a whisper of island coconut milk.


Lily of the Valley - The sweet and delicate scent of these gorgeous little blossoms.


Love Potion -Mesmerize everyone around you with this decadent fragrance of pink jasmine, island coconut milk, Tahitian vanilla bean, luscious strawberry, goji berries, snow white gardenia petals, ripe raspberry, & finished off with succulent white peach nectar. 


Mango Colada - Chunks of frozen mango blended with sweet pineapple juice and coconut milk.


Mango Madness - Mango gone wild! Creamy mango gelato, sweet island mango, mango sorbet, and a touch of white peach nectar. 


Mango Papaya - A fruity marriage of fresh island mango and sweet succulent papaya. 


Mango Peach -Sweet peaches and tropical mango.


Mango Sorbetto - Sweet and succulent mangos, a touch of island fruits, and hints of creamy vanilla. 


Mango White Grapefruit - Sun ripened mango and tangy white grapefruit. 

Maraschino Cherry - The true scent of this delectable cocktail garnish.

Margarita Lime Frost - A frothy blended drink of frozen lime & tart margarita mix.

Mellon Ball Fruit Cup - A delicious fruit cup made with watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, papaya, and mango. 


Mermaid of Oahu - Ocean Waves splashed with ribbons of Sea Salt, Sweet Papaya Fruit, Fresh Coconut Milk & ending on soft notes of Tahitian Tiare Flower. Her name is Leilani and she is the pearl of the sea. 


Monkey Kisses - Delectable tropical pineapple, sweet banana cream, and luscious island coconut milk.  


Nag Champa - A flower found in the Himalayas and a few parts of India. It is rich, sensual, and earthy. 


Naked Coconut - The true essence of ripe & fresh coconut fallen from the tree


North Shore - Blue ocean waves approach a shoreline of white sandy beach. Sea salt and oceanic wind rustle the palm trees on the island. This gorgeous fragrance begins with ocean notes, with middle notes of White Jasmine and Pink Plumeria, ending in earthy notes of tender young bamboo and palm leaves. 


Ocean - A refreshing mix of crisp ozone top notes, with frangipani and muguet blossoms drifting with seafoam greens in a sheer base of amber and musk.


Ocean Reef - Embrace the deep Blue Ocean, marine and ozone crisp like the refreshing mist of the sea. The aquatic top notes capture the essence of a gentle sea breeze laced with a touch of citrus. At the heart of this amazing fragrance is beach rose, muguet and a touch of sea moss. The dry down is an ozonic marine note while blending the softness of bamboo and palm leaves. 


Papaya Nectar - The golden fruit of the islands! A ripe papaya dripping with succulent nectar.


Passion Fruit ~ Lilikoi - One of Hawaii's most popular exotic fruits is the lilikoi, or purple passionfruit. Lilikoi are extremely tart yet incredibly sweet. 


Patchouli - An earthy sexy scent from the patchouli plant has a pungent, powerful, mossy, musty fragrance. The orangey-amber oil is extracted from the leaves of the perennial bush with purple-tinged white flowers, native to tropical Asia. 


Peppermint Twist - Crisp and refreshing peppermint candy.


Pikake - The delicate fragrance of this lovely little white blossom is light and sweet. Pikake Lani is Hawaiian for "Heavenly Pikake", a fragrance that is highly valued in the islands for one of the most treasured lei flowers. This is also known as Pikake/Jasmine from our festival line. It is the same.


Pina Colada - A frosty blended drink of sweet pineapple chunks & rich coconut milk. 


Pineapple Coconut Upside Down Cake - Golden Pound Cake baked to perfection with chunks of sweet Dole Pineapple, shredded candied coconut & drizzled with sugar cane icing. 

Pink Coconut Candy - Pink Sugar blended with candied coconut and fresh coconut milk.


Pink Sugar Aquolina Type - A delicate scent, sweet, light-hearted and innocent. It smells of Cotton Candy, Vanilla and Caramel. But it's also lightened with a fresh Bergamot and orange citrus top note, with touches of Berries, Strawberry, Plum, and a dry-down of Dry Fig Leaves, Musk, Anise, Musk and Woods. 


Pink Sugar Cake - A vanilla birthday cake iced with pink sugar frosting. 


Plumeria - A visit to the islands of Hawaii is not complete without receiving the traditional Aloha (welcome) of a Lei and a kiss. We have captured the beauty of this tradition with deep rich plumeria.


POG - A popular and delicious Hawaiian juice blend. Sweet Passion fruit nectar, bursts of fresh orange juice, and delectable island Guava makes this an irresistible tropical treat. 


Pomegranate - The pomegranate is native from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and was cultivated and naturalized over the whole Mediterranean region since ancient times. The ruby red fruit of the pomegranate is captured in this beautiful fragrance. A tiny bit of tart, sweet, and a delicate touch of citrus. 

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Frosting - The creamiest, most sweet pumpkin frosting. Soft cream cheese is mixed with sweet pumpkin custard, tons of cane sugar and oodles of smooth vanilla. 


Rain Orchid - A crisp clean delicate floral. Fresh as the morning rain and dewy soft.

Raspberry Lemonade - Tart raspberries floating in ice cold lemonade. Refreshing!

Rice Crispy Treats - Snap ~ Crackle ~ Pop with sticky gooey marshmallows.


Rip Tide (Men) - A soft watery fragrance with notes of bamboo and rainforest. 

Root Beer Float - A soda fountain classic! 3 scoops of homemade vanilla ice cream topped with refreshing and fizzy root beer. 


Rose Petals - The fragrant aroma of velvet red rose petals. Romantic and classic.


Sandalwood - aromatic wood of Santalum trees. Fragrant, intoxicating, and mysterious.

Sandalwood Vanilla - Rich and exotic Sandalwood blended with Tahitian Vanilla Bean.

Sea Foam Slushie - Scoops of tangy lime sherbet, pineapple sherbet, and a splash of 7up make up this frosty concoction. 

Surf - Crisp, ocean breezes envelop you as you walk along a secluded tropical beach, the waves gently spraying up a fine mist that refreshes your soul and cleanses your mind.

Sweet Decadence - Birthday cake, sticky sweet cotton candy, and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. 


Sweet Surfer Girl - Pikake flowers as the main note with sweet strawberrries and whipped cream as undernotes with a hint of tropical gardenia.


Sweetie Pie - A sticky sweet treat of pink cotton candy, marshmallow fluff, and vanilla icing. 


Tahitian Black Coconut - Sensual. Mysterious. Enticing. Alluring. This is an exotic and rich coconut scent that is absolutely intoxicating. 

Tahitian Mermaid - Delicate blooms of the Tiare flower, Vanilla Madagascar, and rich island coconut milk. 


Tiare Blossom - Tahitian gardenia, known as the "Flower of Tahiti", has a perfume like no other. The Tiare flower is delicate, white and extremely fragrant.


Tiki Warrior (Men) - Fierce, tribal, mysterious...bring out the Island Warrior- Koa Moku in you. Rich notes of ozone, green palm, blue ocean mists, silver fir, & black cashmere. 

Tribal Hottie - A sizzling tropical blend of juicy pineapple, island mango, exotic passion fruit, white peaches, freshly squeezed oranges, fuzzy kiwi fruit, and creamy coconut milk. 


Tropical Fruit Slices – Freshly cut pineapple, mango, dragon fruit and oranges.


Tuberose – These blossoms grow rampant in the green mountains surrounding Kailua Bay. A complex, exotic, and sweet floral that is the ultimate tropical gem.


Tsunami (Men) - A tidal wave of exotic sensual fragrances to entice, mesmerize & exhilarate. Delight your senses with rich Hawaiian Sandalwood, French lavender, invigorating Bergamot & notes of leather accord with a touch of musk. Incredibly masculine and the perfect snuggle scent


Unicorn in Maui - A magical blend of Blue Cotton Candy, Strawberry Shaved Ice & Coconut Cream infused with Lilikoi.

Valhalla (Men) - Storm the beach wearing this man worthy essence of

Top Notes:  lemon, mandarin, ocean air, bergamot

Mid Notes:  jasmine, silver fir, geranium

Base Notes:  timber, patchouli, cedar, musk, amber, leather


Vanilla Bean Noel - This tempting scent combines fresh vanilla beans, candied pralines, sweet vanilla milk, and a touch of sugared caramel. 


Vanilla Coconut ~ Lena’s Blend - My own personal blend of sweet coconut milk swirled with ribbons of vanilla cream. 


Vanilla Cream - A smooth, creamy, and rich vanilla infused with real vanilla pod to bring out the sweetness. 


Vanilla Crème Cookies - Layers of whipped vanilla frosting, sandwiched between two golden vanilla cookies. 


Vanilla Frosting - Peel the lid off a can of Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting and this is it!


Vanilla Paradise - An incredible blend vanilla beans, toasted vanilla pods, Madagascar Vanilla Orchid, ribbons of caramel, powdered sugar, sweet vanilla cream with a touch of amber. 


Waikiki Coconut - Surfs up Wahines! Thai black coconut enveloped in virgin coconut creme, freshly cracked coconut milk, and sprinkled with candied coconut shavings. This is a rich and warm tropical coconut with loads of island goodness. 

Wai Nui Grapefruit - Spectacular citrus blend of white grapefruit, pink grapefruit and ruby red grapefruit.


Warm Vanilla Sugar Type - Sweet and creamy vanilla, coconut, and notes of sandalwood with a hint of musk and white amber. 


Watermelon Lime - Tart and tangy lime takes a ride on a wave of refreshing watermelon. 


Watermelon Patch - Deep red, full of sweetness, the juice running down your chin, this juicy melon will have you thinking about summer fun. 


White Grapefruit - If you love grapefruit, this scent will knock your socks off. The refreshing scent of a white grapefruit cut in half. Juicy, sweet, and tart all at the same time.


Who Likes Marshmallow? - If you are looking for a true fluffy marshmallow scent without any toasted notes, look no further. Sweet plump marshmallows, just like the Kraft Jett Puffs.

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