Hawaiians have been using Kukui Nut Oil for centuries. The oil is produced by cold pressing oil out of the Kukui nut tree aka Candlenut tree - State tree of Hawaii. A rich source of nutrients, fatty acids, various minerals, vitamins & natural antioxidants that can help soothe irritated skin & accelerate in healing wounds.


Kukui oil gets absorbed very easily into the skin, even into its very deepest layers. It helps to form a vital protective barrier which then helps protect the skin from sun damage & environmental damage. It is often used to protect against sunburn, windburn & chapped skin on the island of Hawaii.  


It's Your Skin's Bestie Because


•    Healthy fatty acids- Olenic acid & Linoleic acid


•    Antioxidant Nutrients - Vitamins A and C & E


•    Omega-3 is known to reduce skin inflammation


•    Protect against sunburn, windburn & chapped skin


•    Apply to wrinkles & crow’s feet


•    Chronic skin conditions Psoriasis, Eczema & Acne


•    Antimicrobial against various Bacteria & Fungi  


•    Amino Acids fight Fungal skin infections like    

 jock-itch, nail fungus, itchy scalp & dandruff

Kukui Nut Oil

  • 100% Pure Kukui Nut Oil - Unscented

  • Apply as needed to soothe, moisturize & heal the skin.  For External Use Only

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