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This Premium Slim Auto Draw Vape Pen Kit is a solid start for people new to vaping or experienced vapors that want a spare vape on the go. It features a lifetime guarantee on the battery, rechargeable by USB & the latest technology 1ml Glass Wickless Ceramic Cartridge with a 1.22 intake hole.  With a wickless cartridge, you can refill again & again.  Stainless steel kit with a heavy high quality metal mouthpiece.  This unit is extremely portable, discreet & rechargeable by USB.  Simple & easy to use.  For use with E-Liquid / Vape Juice & Oils.


Premium Vape Kit Come With - Battery, Charger & Cartridge

Premium Vape Kit

  • • Your 3.7V Auto Draw Vape Pen comes with 3 parts.  USB Charger, Battery & Glass Refillable Cartridge.  You can refill your glass wickless ceramic cartridge.  Keep it clean & it will last a long time.  Extra / Spare cartridges are available for purchase online or at our festival events.

    • Screw your Battery onto the USB Charger.  The USB light will be red while charging.  DO NOT remove battery from USB charger until the light on the charger is green.  DO NOT overcharge the battery or it can burn out / damage the unit.  Charge for a maximum of 2 hours.

    • Take Glass Cartridge out of packaging. Remove the metal top part of Mouth Piece. Gently twist & then lift the Mouth Piece off the cartridge.  Using the plastic fill beaker - Fill your cartridge from the SIDES around the metal center post. DO NOT put liquid into the metal center post.  That will destroy your cartridge.  Do not overfill your cartridge.  Push mouth piece gently back on & twist slowly until fitted.

    • Let the cartridge go through a 30 minute seeping process. Lie it down & don't touch it. Keep rubber bottom cap on.  (Replace rubber bottom cap onto cartridge while recharging to keep the connector clean.)

    • After the 30 minute cartridge seeping process, remove the rubber cap at the bottom of the cartridge.  Air Hit your cartridge 8x to clear & prepare the cartridge for clean vape hits.  

    • After you have Air Hit your cartridge, screw on cartridge to your fully charged battery.

    • Vape your CBD daily dosage according to our chart. Each Vape Pull is equal to approximately 1mg CBD


    You will receive a dosage chart & instructions with purchase

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