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With a flick of her jeweled tail & tousled black curls, she whispers her name “Leimomi" ~ Daughter of Pearls.  Dive under the sea with notes of crisp ocean air, pink sea salt, orange blossom, Damascus rose petals, delicate jasmine & ending in a tart citrusy bloom.  Special Edition Mermaid Collection # 2.


Products Available In Collection 


4 oz Aloe-Ha Rich Body Lotion

4 oz Whipped Body Souffle

4oz Shimmer Cream Body Souffle

4 oz Big Kahuna Ultra Rich Body Butter

4 oz Coconut Oil

2.5 oz Hair & Body Mist 

2.5 oz Shimmer Mist

4 oz Body Wash 

4 oz Sea Salt Scrub

4 oz Whipped Sugar Scrub

1 oz Beach Baby Perfume

.35 oz Tiki Roll On Perfume

 Eau de Perfume Mini

.Eau de Perfume Deluxe

Under the Sea - Leimomi Daughter of Pearls

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